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Two-Way Systems
Custom communication solutions for businesses.

We design custom solutions for commercial businesses with unique needs. From industrial crane operators, to large mines needing acres of reliable communications, to amusement parks, we can design a system for you. We have installed systems at Williamsburg Pottery,  Crossland Harbour, Nestle / Purina, Thomas Road Outpost, NASCAR race teams, and many large facilities and businesses across America.

Hearing Solutions

Whether you're at the shooting range, working in a high-noise area,or listening to your instructor during training at the police academy, our custom-fit ear pieces provide you with a comfortable, affordable solution. Our ear pieces interface with our Stinger Audio receivers, your two-way radio system and perform great as high-end ear plugs at the shooting range.

Range Safety Systems
Saer Range is a custom built safety systemfor gun ranges.

Our newest product line, Safer Range is a state-of-the-art system that allows shooting ranges to become a safer place for customers. Buttons, switches, lights and signals are integrated into an advanced electronic system, that notifies shooters, security and management personnel that an emergency condition is present. We combine all of our technologies into this  to ensure our product is of superior quality and functionality.

Commercial Sound
We install large public address systems nationwide.

We install complex, commercial sound systems at fairgrounds, festivals, race tracks, large industrial buildings, parade routes, and many other locations across the country. Our versatility and complex knowledge of the industry allows us to integrate our sound systems with all of our other technologies to provide you a custom solution. Our sound customers include Langley Speedway, Bulls Gap Speedway, Langley Air Force Base, and Liberty University.

Wiring Harnesses
We manufacture custom wiring harnesses for commecial applications.

We design custom wiring harnesses for public safety vehicles, military vehicles, including aircraft and ships along with commercial vehicles, such as bulldozers and underground borers.  Used mostly to allow communications using two-way radios without having to use your hand to activate the push-to-talk feature, we have built harnesses for movie sets, hovercraft, NASCAR and F16 military aircraft.

Industrial Solutions
Custom equipment for construction crews, heavy industry and the U.S. Military.

We design custom radio systems for commercial companies of any size. From construction companies to large factories, we can design a custom system for you. Our team has installed large repeater systems, small office systems and systems specifically designed for safety. We are a Hytera dealer and are proud to offer their digital DMR products to our customers.

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