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Our Story

Specialty Communications Inc, was incorporated in Virginia by its current founder and C.E.O., M.W. Mullins.  Mullins began the company in his homes spare bedroom in October 1995. The company began by building wiring harnesses and two-way radio headsets for local stock car racers. As the company grew, Mullins was able to quit his full-time job in 1997, to concentrate on his new career. The company soon moved to a commercial location in Yorktown, bought a mobile showroom, and began selling products at NASCAR events. It wasn't long until the military learned of the company's capabilities and contracted them to build wiring harnesses and headsets for the government. In the mid 2000's, the company began to shift its focus away from racing, and began to focus on large commercial applications and new product development. In 2016, the company sold its racing division, Racecom of Virginia to HMS Motorsport located in Mooresville NC. They had been Mullins' largest customer for a few years. Today the company operates from a 7500 sq.ft. office/warehouse located in Lynchburg Virginia. The primary focus is now large commercial applications, and its newest product, Safer Range, a complex shooting range safety system. The company is constantly looking for ways to make the work environment safer and more productive.

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